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Villas and houses in Dubai Marina by the sea

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Sea view villas for sale in Dubai Marina, UAE

Dubai Marina is one of the most conveniently located areas of Dubai. There are clean beaches, luxury hotels, skyscrapers, boutiques, public transport within walking distance, as well as a large selection of luxury real estate. Buying villas in Dubai Marina with the sea view you will have urban high-rises.

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Buy villa in Dubai Marina by the sea

Apartments are mainly sold in Dubai Marina, but in some projects, there are also villas. It is often located at the podium level, that is, on the ground floor, where commercial premises are usually rented. These can be both properties as part of the residential complex itself, and detached buildings.

You will not be able to buy sea-facing villas in Dubai Marina with free access to water. Almost the entire first and second coastlines in this area are occupied by high-rise hotels and skyscrapers under construction. But a little further from the shore, spacious houses for sale in Dubai Marina with sea view or an enclosed pond are for sale. If desired, you can find a villa from where you can reach the nearest beach on foot.

Houses prices in Dubai Marina by the sea

Villas and apartments in Dubai by the sea with a great view, a swimming pool and all the necessary amenities are sold in the following projects:

  • Premium residential complex Marina Gate is the complex includes villas of 600 m2 with four rooms. The cost of the properties starts from AED 2 300 000 (USD 626 189 or USD 3 985 192);
  • Premium Marina Quays - here you can buy a three–bedroom villa with an area of 237 m2. The windows offer stunning views of the embankment and the beauty of the city. The cost of villas starts from AED 6 500 000 (USD 1 769 664 or USD 11 262 495);
  • Al Sahab Tower is the project has rare duplex villas with three bedrooms, overlooking Dubai Marina Canal and city skyscrapers. The cost of a 3-bedroom villa starts from AED 3 549 000 (USD 966 236 or USD 6 149 319).

Lifestyle in Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is an elaborate community with a developed road network and a picturesque marina. This is a true testimony to the professionalism of the outstanding developer Emaar Properties, who turned a strip of 3.5 km coastline into a modern area of 599,446 m2, whose inhabitants can lead a chic lifestyle in French Riviera.

The key feature of this multi-purpose area is the Grand Canal. It stretches for more than 3.5 km, providing access to the sea from both ends. Potential buyers, both foreigners and UAE citizens, can choose from an assortment of luxury apartments in high-rise buildings located against the backdrop of a magnificent marina.

Guests and residents of the Dubai Marina area can fully enjoy city life. It has its own shopping center – Dubai Marina Mall, conveniently located on Sheikh Zayed Road. Here you can go shopping, visit catering restaurants or go to the cinema. There are many parks, public beaches, its own unique shopping and entertainment promenade Walk JBR and so on.

Houses in Dubai Marina by the sea for investment

Investing in a villa in a Dubai Marina on the seashore means making a potentially profitable investment. This coastal area is considered one of the most popular in the city because of its unique location: there is both the sea and the entire urban infrastructure. In addition, it is very diverse in the ethnic composition of the inhabitants. There are many expats living in the area, so rental housing is always in demand. You can buy houses in Dubai Marina in the beach, start renting it out and receive a passive income of about 7.95–8.01% per annum.

Our assistance in buying real estate in Dubai Marina by the sea

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