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Duplexes in Dubai by the sea

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Sea view duplexes for sale in Dubai the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is one of the most popular countries for housing investments. Property in Dubai by the sea has a significant selection of properties. Duplexes belong to the comfort class units. These are two level apartments. They combine the comfort of a flat and the amenities of a townhouse or a villa. And the cost of a duplex on the Persian Gulf coast is much lower than the cost of a house. This creates demand for buy-to-live and buy-to-invest real estate. Local residents and foreigners actively purchase investment duplexes in Dubai with sea view.

Duplexes prices in Dubai the sea

The cost of housing stock in Dubai is more affordable compared to similar properties in the American or the European megalopolises. The pricing policy allows you to choose your option for any budget. On the market you can find affordable apartments and premium real estate. Starting prices vary between $350,000-400,000. This also depends on floor areas that start from 100 m2 because of the property type - duplex. The price can reach several million dollars depending on the specific housing. For example, a 4-bedroom duplex in Jumeirah is put up for sale for $4,900,000. More extensive spacious 5-bedroom duplex apartments in Dubai by the sea are for sale in Palm Jumeirah. The price is $25,000,000.

Lifestyle in Dubai

The metropolis is in the TOP of the most developing cities in the world. You can find everything you need for life here:

  • Soft climate. The heat problem in summer is easily solved by air-conditioning installed even on public transport stops.
  • Developed transport infrastructure. You can get to the Dubai center by personal and by public transport from any district. There are also metro station available in many communities.
  • High security level. Crime activity is almost eliminated in the city.
  • A large number of shopping centers, catering places, entertainment and cultural events to make the best of your time.

Almost 90% of the population consists of citizens of other countries. So there will be no difficulties with adaptation. You should always remember about the peculiarities of national mentality for a comfortable lifestyle.

Duplexes in Dubai by the sea for investment

New buildings in Dubai by the sea are in same demand as off-plan projects. The off-plan projects allow you to get the highest returns on investments. First you purchase an off-plan duplex at the initial stage of construction, then its cost will increase by several two-digit percent by the commissioning time. Another reasons for investing in foreign real estate are:

  • Ever-growing demand. It provides the property liquidity if needed.
  • Annual cost capitalization.
  • High profitability ratio. Housing by the sea can bring up to 10% of the rental profit.

Taking into account that there are no individual income tax the country investment profits become obvious.

We will help you to buy duplexes in Dubai sea view

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