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Townhouses in Dubai by the sea

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Sea view townhouses for sale in Dubai, UAE

The seashore in the UAE attracts not only holidaymakers. Many people consider Dubai, the largest Emirate of the country, as a place for relocation or an option for investments in order to save funds from inflation. Property in Dubai by the sea is not only apartments or villas. Townhouses are one of the most popular types of properties. These are houses for several owners. Each of them can use a separate land plot, has an isolated courtyard and an independent entrance group. For foreigners, investments in sea view townhouses in Dubai open up the possibility of making a profit from renting out their properties.

The main advantage of this type of property is its affordable price. A townhouse has all the advantages of a villa, as the property is completely isolated from the neighbours. But the price of this housing unit is much lower than the prices of villas or cottages. The coastal line development goes as active as the development in central communities of the Emirate. This allows you to consider either new buildings in Dubai by the sea or off-plan units for purchasing. Prices depend on the area of the unit and its location. 

Townhouse prices in Dubai by the sea

The following offers can be found on the market at the time of publication:

  • 3-bedroom townhouse in the Jumeirah community, with the total cost of $1,300,000;
  • 4-bedroom townhouse in the Dubai Marina community, with the total cost of $3,800,000.
  • 3-bedroom townhouse in the Palm Jumeirah community, with the total cost of $3,000,000.

Off-plan projects on the beach are cheaper at the beginning stage of the construction.

Lifestyle in Dubai

The owner of a house in Dubai by the sea can apply for a residence permit under a simplified scheme in the United Arab Emirates. With profitable investment townhouses in Dubai with sea view this allows you to enjoy all the benefits of the city's infrastructure along with local citizens. The lifestyle in the Emirate consists of several common points, including:

  • High level of security;
  • Developed transport infrastructure, that makes it easy to move around all communities in the metropolis;
  • Modern healthcare system.

There are pre-school institutions, schools and higher education institutions, shopping and entertainment centers, many attractions and interesting places as well as magnificent beaches on the coast of the Persian Gulf for local residents.

Townhouse in Dubai by the sea for investment

Real estate in the UAE is attractive for foreign investors. The growth in demand and the growth of prices confirm that clearly. Reasons for investments include:

  • Attractive prices in comparison with similar units in Europe and the USA.
  • High level of profitability, it can reach 10%.
  • Value capitalization. Rising prices allow you to sell properties for higher costs. This format brings good profit when buying an off-plan housing stock under construction.

The absence of taxes on personal income allows you to make a clear profit in the UAE. It is not necessary to live in the country to rent out real estate. The management company can take over all issues of finding tenants and looking after the apartment conditions.

Buy townhouse in Dubai sea view

There are up-to-date ads from real estate developers and local real estate agencies in the catalog. A convenient search system allows you to find your dream property in any area of the metropolis and select prices in euros, dollars. Experts are ready to advise on any issue related to buying a house or an apartment in Dubai by the sea. You can check the offers of the real estate market online.