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Property in Jumeirah by the sea

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Sea view property for sale in Jumeirah, the UAE

On the market of real estate in Dubai, Jumeirah is one of the most popular communities. With various residential buildings, the coastal zone provides residents with not only a comprehensive and dynamic lifestyle, but also many modern amenities. Due to diverse luxury villas and apartments, many investors seek to buy a sea-facing property in Jumeirah.

Property prices in Jumeirah near the sea

Buying a cheap property in Jumeirah with a sea view is a difficult task, because in the country of glass and steel, traditional houses are expensive. In the local market, the community is called the Beverly Hills of the Middle East, as it is home to the most expensive property in the Emirate.

In Jumeirah, you can find some of the best apartments in Dubai . The initial cost of a local studio is $211,000. Prices for 1-bedroom apartments range from $299,000 to $1.6 million. The most luxurious 5-bedroom apartment can cost $2.5 million.

The local housing market also offers a limited number of 3-6-bedroom villas. Their price range is wide — from $1.3 to $13.6 million.

Lifestyle in Jumeirah

Before Dubai began its modernization program in the 1960s, Jumeirah was a favorite place for European expatriates to live. As a result, many of the houses here are large and located far from each other.

The name of the community comes from the Arabic word "beautiful", and and it describes it completely. Many people seek to buy real estate in Jumeirah on the beach, because this area provides the residents with the best in comfort. The local market consists of luxury villas and apartments. Some properties have a lot of free space and own swimming pools, while others are located in small complexes with common leisure amenities.

In addition to the Mercato shopping center, there are many shops, boutiques, cafes and restaurants, as well as two post offices, several bank branches, two hospitals, and many medical and dental clinics. The community also has kindergartens and schools with British and American education systems.

Real estate in Jumeirah by the sea for investment

Before investing in properties with sea view for sale in Dubai Marina, check out the indicators of return on investment in the most sought-after real estate in the local market.

Number of bedrooms in the apartmentROI
1 5.7%
2 5%
3 4.6%
4 4.2%
Number of bedrooms in the villaROI
3 3.9%
4 3.2%
5 3%
6 1.6%

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