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  • Which area of Dubai is best to buy a house on the seashore with a swimming pool?

    If you’re interested in villas in Dubai with sea views, we recommend that you check out our housing collection. The advantage of these offers is the opportunity to buy a villa by the sea with a private pool. You can enjoy swimming at any time of the year even in bad weather. Content: Popular provinces for foreigners to buy houses in Dubai Dubai Marina — real estate near the sea Palm Jumeirah — villas on the first line Jebel Ali — a dynamically developing area Jumeirah — a large neighborhood for living and recreation Emaar Beachfront — a promising residential complex Profitable investment A safe and risk-free purchase Popular provinces for foreigners to buy houses in Dubai Where do foreigners buy villas in Dubai? To buy and own a...

  • Where is it better to buy a coastal property – Dubai or Turkey?

    You have to ask yourself some important questions before you invest in overseas real estate or another country for permanent residence. Many foreigners choose to invest in and buy apartments and houses in 2 countries – Turkey and Dubai, UAE. Many people also prefer to invest in coastal properties. This increases the liquidity of housing as well as its value capitalization. This article will look at where it’s best to buy a property in Dubai by the sea and how to choose an apartment or house from developers and agencies in Turkey. Content: Typical real estate features in Dubai or Turkey Housing in Turkey Housing in Dubai Location and infrastructure The cost of real estate and mortgages Dubai for foreign investment Turkey for foreign investors Which country is the...

  • Features of real estate in Dubai on the 1st line of the sea

    One of the main advantages of resort real estate in Dubai is that it is always in demand. People resell it, buy it, rent it out, and get passive income or live independently and enjoy the water and beaches. Investors and homebuyers are interested in real estate in Dubai by the sea, especially on the first line. You will learn about the important aspects of finding and buying such housing in this article. Content: Buying a property in Dubai on the first line of the sea What is "housing on the first line”? Advantages of real estate on the first line of the sea Disadvantages The best places to buy real estate in Dubai by the sea Popular areas How to choose an apartment with a sea view in Dubai and not overpay? Flow movement Private beaches Lighting We...