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Features of real estate in Dubai on the 1st line of the sea

Features of real estate in Dubai on the 1st line of the sea

One of the main advantages of resort real estate in Dubai is that it is always in demand. People resell it, buy it, rent it out, and get passive income or live independently and enjoy the water and beaches.

Investors and homebuyers are interested in real estate in Dubai by the sea, especially on the first line. You will learn about the important aspects of finding and buying such housing in this article.


Buying a property in Dubai on the first line of the sea

The location of the property on the first line does not correspond to the modest cozy apartment you image. Apartments in Dubai by the sea belong to the premium class segment. Their cost is sometimes so high that most people can only dream of such a property.

That is why, before buying a home, you should know what the "first line" is, what the pros and cons of such housing are, and what is included in its price.

What is "housing on the first line”?

Real estate on the 1st line of the sea is a residential property near the water. In other words, there should be no obstacles between housing and the sea. If there is, for example, a road between them, the "first line" is no longer considered such housing.

What are the advantages of this location?

Advantages of real estate on the first line of the sea

Free access to the sea

A person living on the first line does not need to think about how to get to the beach, where to change clothes, where to put things, whether to take water and food. All he has to do is to take a towel and walk a few steps from the house to the sea. He does not need to plan a beach vacation, as the beach is always there.

Exclusive location

Location is the main feature of resort real estate for living and renting. Housing on the first line is always in high demand and brings the owner more profit than real estate remote from the sea.


Although location is an advantage of housing on the first line, it can also be a potential source of difficulties.

Being close to the sea means constant high humidity, so the risk of fungus reproduction in an apartment or house is higher. Getting rid of it at high humidity is not an easy task.

In the cool winter months for Dubai (December, January, February), when the air temperature drops to +20 during the day and +17 at night, the water cools down, and it becomes uncomfortable in coastal houses, sometimes even chilly.

Since there is no central heating in Dubai, everyone uses air conditioners, but they often do little to help. For this reason, many will not like to live by the water all year round. Of course, this problem is soluble if the owner of the property on the first line can pay for heating in winter.

Another disadvantage of such housing becomes obvious in the summer. If your property is located in a popular resort area, you may encounter constant noise in the summer. This is true for properties near the promenade.

The best places to buy real estate in Dubai by the sea

Real estate on the 1st line of the sea in Dubai is located in several communities:

  • Artificial Palm Jumeirah Island;
  • Prestigious Dubai Marina;
  • The Palm Jebel Ali;
  • Dubai Waterfront.

These communities are freehold zones, so foreigners can buy real estate there. Houses in Dubai by the sea have free access to the beaches.

Dubai Waterfront and The Palm Jebel Ali are under construction, so we suggest you focus on those projects that are ready to move in.

Popular areas

Dubai Marina

Real estate by the sea in Dubai Marina includes apartments in prestigious residential complexes and luxury hotels with access to private beaches. Dubai Marina is one of the most Europeanized areas of Dubai. It is popular with tourists and expats.

Here you can find accommodation in such residential complexes as:

  • Marina Diamond;
  • Emaar Beachfront;
  • JBR;
  • Park Island;
  • Manchester Tower.

The cost of apartments varies from $2,500 to $7,000 per 1 sq. m.

Palm Jumeirah

This man-made island is a symbol of Dubai's progress and ambitions. It sells villas and apartments with the best views and comfortable beaches. The most sought-after projects in Palm Jumeirah are:

  • Tiara is a project of 15 buildings with private beaches;
  • The residences is a complex of three buildings. Two of them offer luxury apartments for living, and the third is a five-star hotel;
  • Oceana is a premium project with apartments and townhouses;
  • Signature Villa is a community of luxury villas with private beaches and pools.

The price of apartments on the coast in Palm Jumeirah varies from $4,700 to $9,500 per 1 sq. m.

How to choose an apartment with a sea view in Dubai and not overpay?

If you want to buy a foreign property to get positive impressions (especially when it comes to buying a house by the water), you should consider several significant factors.

Flow movement

The house should be in a place where the water is renewed every day. To avoid stagnation, the water should flow along the coast all year round. So you can always enjoy the fresh sea breeze and clean water.

Private beaches

There is no need to worry about this on the Palm Jumeirah. Most of the villas on the "leaves" have private beaches visited by homeowners. In Dubai Marina, elite residential complexes also have a private beach, where only residents can get to. However, there are places with noisy beaches, as there are many tourists there.


When choosing a house, you should consider the sides to the sun. For comfortable living in the house, the lighting of the house must correspond to your daily routine.

We will help you buy real estate in Dubai

Do you dream of your villa by the sea? The website Dubai-Sea-View-Properties contains the best properties in the most picturesque locations of Dubai. If necessary, specialists will select the property for you in accordance with your request and conduct a secure transaction.

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