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Penthouses in Dubai by the sea

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Sea view penthouses for sale in Dubai UAE

The United Arab Emirates holds a leading position in the number of real estate transactions involving foreigners. Property in Dubai by the sea is in demand. Many future owners choose premium class properties. Penthouses also belong to premium class - apartments located on the upper floors of skyscrapers. They allow you to have a comfortable lifestyle in residential complexes with a developed infrastructure with almost no opportunity to bump into your neighbours.

One-storey or two-storey apartments on the top floor have different floor areas, but they have a common undeniable advantage: a spectacular view of the coast from the panoramic windows. This is an attractive real estate option both for relocation and for investment. The cost of properties on the beach fully justifies its advantages. Dubai real estate prices grow steadily since 2020, so it is better to check relevance of prices right before making a purchase. Pricing policy is directly connected with the prestige of housing units, the number of bedrooms, the quality of the repairs.

Penthouse prices in Dubai by the sea

There are offers focused on different budget in the real estate market:

  • Two-bedroom penthouse with the starting price at $500,000;
  • The top floor three-bedroom apartments with the starting price at $700,000;
  • Four-bedroom penthouse with the starting price at $900,000.

New buildings in Dubai by the sea show more exclusive offers, reaching a price of $30,000,000 or more.

Lifestyle in Dubai

The Emirate is unique for the fact that here you can find real estate according to the active pace of life or for the slower one. At the same time you do not lose touch with the coast. High quality of life and safety unite the districts of Dubai. There is practically no crime in the metropolis. You can move around the city even during the night time with no worries about the safety of your property. The infrastructure allows you to move freely between the communities. This opens up the access to large shopping centers and world attractions. Healthcare facilities, schools, shops are also available.

Penthouse in Dubai by the sea for investment

Houses in Dubai by the sea are in high demand. Last year's results showed a major increase in sales, with a significant part of the transactions carried out with foreigners. Citizens of Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Great Britain and Russia invest heavily in real estate in the UAE. For the basic reasons explaining the profitability of investments, we can note:

  • Attractive conditions and winning territorial location of the metropolis. The year-round tourist season attracts holidaymakers and transport accessibility makes the transfer affordable from Europe, Asia and Africa.
  • Developed infrastructure. Dubai develops quickly and attracts foreigners from all parts of the world. About 90% of the population of the Emirate are expats. This puts real estate in demand.
  • High profitability. Investment in penthouses in Dubai with sea views can bring up to 10% of profit.
  • Lack of taxes. Personal income is not subject to taxation. This allows you to receive a pure net income legally.

Adding the affordability of prices on the coast of the Persian Gulf and comparing it with similar properties in other European metropolises, one can clearly see the profitability of investments.

Buy penthouse in Dubai sea view

There are apartments in Dubai by the sea from real estate developers and local real estate agencies in the catalog. You can buy a ready-built property or choose off-plan units. A convenient search system makes the choice as simple as possible. It is enough to set the desired parameters like the search by location, real estate area, prices in euros, dollars, etc. Start choosing your dream apartment now!