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  • Number of real estate transactions in Dubai has increased 4 times

    The greatest activity of buyers of real estate in Dubai was noted as over USD 250,000. Foreign real estate is popular with buyers from Europe not only as a second home, but also as an investment to preserve capital and make a profit. The choice of the United Arab Emirates is easy to explain. Buying local real estate makes it possible to obtain a residence permit, including through special programs of «golden» visas, and save your money in a country with a stable economic sector. The exchange rate of the local currency against the dollar in Dubai has not changed dramatically for several years. This is a good sign, which is also paid attention to by investors and businessmen. The high profitability of renting out housing in Dubai, especially in the luxury segment, is the reason...

  • Sharp rise in prices for luxury real estate in Dubai

    In the last quarter of 2021, prices for luxury real estate in Dubai increased by more than 40% compared to the previous quarter. The average price per unit of real estate in Dubai was USD 1,250,000. Which areas of the emirate have become the most expensive today? The first place in terms of high cost in 2022 is held by Palm Jumeirah. The average price tag for a unit of housing here is USD 925,000,000. It is followed by Downtown and Business Bay with average prices of USD 871,000,000 and USD 680,000,000. Among the coastal areas of Dubai with properties on the first line of the Persian Gulf, Jumeirah also got into the rating of the most expensive. Average prices per property increased here in the quarter from USD 33,000,000 to USD 101,000,000. However, even such cosmic price tags do not...

  • Wealthy Europeans are interested in real estate on the Persian Gulf coast

    Wealthy Europeans have previously bought expensive real estate on the Persian Gulf coast in Dubai. Nowadays, the demand for real estate in the UAE has increased markedly. The UAE can become a home for lots of Europeans. For investors, buying expensive real estate in Dubai brings additional benefits, in addition to using it to save and increase funds: investments in housing in the amount of 750,000 dirhams provide legal residence in the country for 3 years, and investments in a larger amount allow you to get «golden visas». At the beginning of March 2022, there are about 40,000 citizens of Europe and 15,000 Ukrainians in the United Arab Emirates.

  • A sharp increase in demand for real estate by the sea in Dubai! What about the price?

    Analysts assume that the price increase will continue. The unstable situation in the world has shifted the priorities of real estate investors. Now wealthy Europeans have switched their attention to the sector of expensive real estate in the UAE. Resort real estate in Dubai was already in high demand, but over the past month the number of potential buyers has increased markedly. The demand for real estate by the sea in Dubai has increased stronger than demand in other segments. Analysts expect that high demand can lead to an even greater increase in prices in the seaside real estate market in Dubai. In February, an international analytical agency announced a forecast: real estate prices will grow at a faster pace than expected a few months ago. It is expected that in general, housing in...

  • Europeans began to buy real estate by the sea in Dubai more often

    Europeans have always been willing to buy real estate in the UAE. To date, a greater number of investors have become interested in luxury housing in the resorts of the United Arab Emirates. According to local experts, the number of requests for real estate in Dubai from Europeans has increased dramatically. There is an increased number of investors who are considering buying a property in the Emirates for saving money, as an investment, as well as for their own relocation to a permanent place of residence. Dubai real estate market has been showing significant growth for two years in a row. So, in 2021, real estate deals worth USD 35,000,000,000 were concluded in the emirate. This indicator has become a record since the global economic crisis of 2008.

  • What kind of real estate by the sea does Emaar offer for purchase?

    Emaar Beachfront is a residential development project to which the eyes of many investors in Dubai are riveted today. What is this new area and what prices should investors expect? Emaar Beachfront is an elite residential project in the heart of the UAE seaside life, in the Dubai harbor. It offers many off-plan real estate options, including apartments with one-four bedrooms. The price of apartments for sale in Mar Beachfront ranges from AED 1,200,000 to AED 15,500,000. Emaar Beachfront is a 20-minute drive from Dubai International Airport. After completion, the area will consist of 27 residential towers and have easy access to a 1.5-kilometer beach. In general, it is preparing to become one of the best off-plan projects of Emaar on the seashore. Villas for sale in Emaar Beachfront...

  • Europeans more often than others bought real estate by the sea in Dubai… Is it true or not?

    Foreigners have always had a high interest in real estate in the UAE. More than 80% (according to some sources, it is more than 90%) of the residents of the United Arab Emirates are foreigners. Europeans are no exception. They have long shown genuine interest in real estate in Dubai. But experts report that only a small proportion of real estate transactions in the emirates account for European buyers, and the popular opinion about the predominance of buyers from Europe in the local market is nothing more than a myth. In recent years, the share of Europeans, who buy real estate in the UAE was only from 5 to 7% of total sales. The most active buyers continue to be citizens of India, Pakistan, Europe and indigenous residents of the Emirates. The reason for this was the dynamic development...

  • Demand for real estate by the sea in Dubai has increased by 40%

    Since March 1, the demand among Europeans to buy real estate in Dubai has increased by 40%. Dubai real estate market was attractive to investors from Europe for a long time. According to analysts, when comparing the volume of real estate transactions in the UAE in February 2022 with the figures in the same period of 2021, there is a positive trend of 70%. Real estate prices in Dubai increased by 44% in 2021 and by another 7% in the period from January to February of this year. According to expert assessment and surveys conducted, about 300,000 Europeans live in Dubai today. This is almost 10% of the total number of residents of the emirate. The interest in business in Dubai has also increased due to recent events. Since the United Arab Emirates decided to remain neutral, many...