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A sharp increase in demand for real estate by the sea in Dubai! What about the price?

A sharp increase in demand for real estate by the sea in Dubai! What about the price?

Analysts assume that the price increase will continue.

The unstable situation in the world has shifted the priorities of real estate investors. Now wealthy Europeans have switched their attention to the sector of expensive real estate in the UAE. Resort real estate in Dubai was already in high demand, but over the past month the number of potential buyers has increased markedly. The demand for real estate by the sea in Dubai has increased stronger than demand in other segments.

Analysts expect that high demand can lead to an even greater increase in prices in the seaside real estate market in Dubai. In February, an international analytical agency announced a forecast: real estate prices will grow at a faster pace than expected a few months ago. It is expected that in general, housing in Dubai will become more expensive by 7.5% in 2022 and by 5.5% in 2023.

According to analysts, the residential sector of Dubai will continue to interest buyers due to the high level of offers. Especially strong price growth should not be expected, because due to high competition and large volumes of development, developers are trying to keep them at an attractive level for investors.

As for housing affordability, analysts disagree here. Some believe that the volume of construction will always be sufficient to meet the demand. Others think that soon offers for the sale of housing by the sea in Dubai will not be enough compared to the number of people willing to make a purchase.


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