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Commercial property in Dubai by the sea

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Sea view commercial property for sale in Dubai the UAE

The United Arab Emirates and the most popular emirate of the country attract not only vacationers. Property in Dubai by the sea is in demand among those planning to relocate and those choosing a buy-to-invest properties. This is not the only possible way to invest with the purpose of income generation in future. Commercial real estate in Dubai with sea view opens up wide opportunities. The following offers are in the market:

  • commercial apartment buildings;
  • hotel rooms;
  • office spaces;
  • shops;
  • public catering outlets.

Non-residential real estate is multi-purposed. But they have one common feature: the location on the first line by the sea provides a wide flow of visitors, this, on its part, makes the business profitable.

Commercial property prices in Dubai the sea

Prices of a commercial fund depend on its area and functional purpose. The average price per square meter is lower than in new buildings in Dubai by the sea. Starting prices begin at $150,000. You can buy an office for this price. The starting price of a hotel room on the beach begins at $600,000. Store prices start at $1,000,000. The cost of hotels and profitable commercial apartment buildings can reach several tens of millions of dollars. It is important to consider that pricing in the UAE is directly connected with demand and the real estate market condition. Interest increases in both residential and commercial stocks of the country since 2020. For foreigners this is an affordable opportunity to expand their investment portfolio, to begin a new lifestyle in Dubai and to start their own business in the country with a free economic zone.

Commercial property by the sea for investment in Dubai

The main reasons for investing in non-residential stock on the coast of the Persian Gulf:

  • Affordable prices in comparison with the prices of commercial real estate in big cities in the USA and Europe.
  • Opportunity to generate income starting with 6% to 10% a year, it depends on the specific unit.
  • Stability. As a rule, tenancy agreements last from one to several years. Renting an apartment in Dubai by the sea does not give this confidence in the future to individuals.

Opportunity to buy a ready business in Dubai with sea view

Risks are always possible. They do not depend on properties, but on the nature of the business. They also depend on professional approach of income generation and on economic situation in any country. If there are doubts about a proper start in a foreign country, you can buy a ready business in Dubai with sea view. But this format requires more investments, although it will allow you to receive a stable profit right after the purchase.

We will help you to buy commercial property in Dubai sea view

The site includes ads from real estate developers and local agencies. It provides only relevant information. In the catalog you can find not only apartments and houses in Dubai by the sea, but also a commercial fund with land plots. The analytical information about the real estate market situation is published for expats. The easy-to-use search system allows you to select any unit according to the installed filters and find out prices in euros, dollars. Experts are ready to advise on investments in foreign real estate.